Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Greetings Panthers,

With great pleasure I welcome you to our school. I am delighted to be the principal at Clermont Elementary!

A great deal that has been done and much remains to be done. The expectation for learning is a shared responsibility. No school is an island. Therefore, we must establish lines of support extending both ways; school to home and home to school. In order for Clermont Elementary to reach the success which we desire, it will require all stakeholders to engage in the school improvement process.

The learning and well being of the students will be the driving force behind what we do. We stand poised ready to face challenges that may impede our progress and delay our expected end with solutions. Success is a bi- product of goals established and the endurance to pursue. Reaching the goal of measurable success for all will be the certifiable seal of approval.

Developing environment where students can maximize their potential will be an unwavering core essential at Clermont Elementary. Our school objectives are aligned to reflect the expectations of Florida Standards which are the crux of twenty first century learning. Preparing students to become enlighten thinkers and problem solvers for the market place will be enacted on by design. The time has come for us to commit to action. The development of student leadership expectations begins now!

As we endeavor to establish a school of high expectations, we will continue to seek cutting edge ideas or concepts to excel student achievement. The one concept that remains constant to accelerating student achievement is YOU. Continue to stand with us as we stand together to affect sustainable change. Please do what you can with what you have to help us build a school we can all be proud of. My door is always open.

If you should need my assistance, please do not hesitate to call me at 352-394-2706 or E-mail:


Jeffrey Williams